Improve integral service lines (Kent Hospital’s Cancer Care and Women & Infants’ Having A Baby) web presence through creating a more robust experience via content organization and imagery.


Kent Hospital, Cancer Care

  • Implemented a web presence utilizing printed materials
    • Emphasis on video content, FAQ’s, patient stories, and contact information

Women & Infants, Having A Baby

  • The Pregnancy Planner brought in 40% of Women and Infants traffic through being number one in Google rankings for multiple pregnancy related returns, yet after previewing the pregnancy planner over 80% left the site
    • Goal → Emphasize the spectrum of W&I’s services, striving to capture this audience’s attention and direct them to further information within the Having A Baby microsite
      • After 3 months the pregnancy planners bounce rate decreased to 45%
  • Drafted pull quotes to highlight the main themes and values associated with each step in motherhood
  • Implemented right side, image driven, banners — these capitalized on the audience’s gravitation to imagery and were the driving force behind the decreased bounce rate

Kent Cancer Care – Homepage

Kent Hospital

Interior page

Kent Cancer


Having A Baby – Homepage

Having A Baby


Interior page

Having a Baby


Interior page – Pregnancy Planner

Having A Baby

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