Present yourself with 9-12 key visuals. The should be produced in an abstract, concrete, symbolic descriptive way, making use of analogies.


I created an autobiographical story that assimilated the recent events in my life with American pioneers’ escapade to the west.


“They packed what mattered most, each other, and set out on an unpredictable path with nothing but hope that the end would yield a better life.

Exploration was in their roots. Blood reminiscent of rocky seas. Their path of mountains and plains mirrored their ancestors in dedication and perseverance, but also hardships that were cloaked in loss.

History calls them pioneers – Avengers of the West.

Those who followed their guts, yearning for something more.

And on those days of defeat they allowed the sadness to only conquer them until sunrise. Awakening to an air of adventure – holding tighter than before to their pursuit of gold.

They voyaged toward the sunset and the seemingly endless landscape challenged their decision. They answered by learning it’s ways and then improving on them.

When the question of survival crawled into their hearts they let the banjo answer. It roared back that they were alive. That thunder and snow did not take their breaths, but provided them with moment to conquer, moments to take their breath away.

Hungry, tired, and dirty they pressed on. They found beauty in the newness and comfort in the details that reminded them of the world they once knew.

Eventually they reached an end, a settlement to call their own. They had paved their way alongside others, battled their self doubt.

In the moment of victory as they kissed the land that was now their own, the tides of history called forth — Now you must build.”

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