Improve traffic to wellness services (diabetes counseling, weight loss programs, and nutrition services) through curating intriguing custom content without any medical jargon.

The success of this project was critical as it’s ability to gain traction determined weather all Care New England websites would move towards promoting custom content versus pushing services. At the time Care New England’s Wellness Center received the least amount of web traffic amongst the 5 service-lines; alarming as the health care industry was swiftly moving to a well-based care model.


The Wellness Corner emerged through wanting to supply our audience with useful health information told in a tone that made reading enjoyable. The website would hinge on current trends, featuring large scale images and witty headlines. Article topics circulated around the pillars of Care New England’s business: heart health, women’s health, brain and behavioral health, cancer care, and primary care.

Within the first three months the blog increased traffic to wellnesctr.org by 35%. The project received a Care Award for Non-Clinical Excellence in Customer Service.


  • Worked alongside senior editor to develop topics and connect freelance writers with Care New England experts
  • Implemented a website that differed from the look of our corporate sites – embodying a more social atmosphere
  • Repurposed articles that had been previously published in Care New England newsletters to fit the style of the Wellness Corner
  • Ensured content was continually updated, so the audience was never previewing stagnant information
  • Pushed content via social media and cross linking amongst the Care New England network



Wellness Corner


Interior articles

  • When applicable infographics were designed to support the breadth of the topic covered

A Doesn't Stand for Aching

Fitness Freak – a video series where I attempted unique exercise activities. Stand up paddle boarding was an awesome experience!

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