Design a marketing communications plan revolving around Manchester City’s visit to the United States during their preseason tour. Include:

  • The MLS team Manchester City should oppose
  • The the target market
  • Positioning/brand strategy

Overview — Click here to view the report

Recommendation → Manchester City should oppose LA Galaxy within Pasadena’s Rose Gold Stadium, positioning the event as a, “A rematch with the real Manchester.”

Preliminary Research

  • Analyzing soccer (0r futbol for you fanatics) overall support in the US
    • The 2014 World Cup became the most streamed sporting even in history, out doing every Olympic event, World Series, or NBA playoffs
  • Youth soccer participation
    • The team’s region, southern California, is home to 159,278 youth soccer players – the third highest in the country, with northern California coming in second

Identifying the location

  • LA Galaxy is the second most supported team within the MLS\
  • The Rose Bowl Stadium has been home to the first and third most attended games in MLS history, showcasing the fierce support of the surrounding patrons

Identifying the target

  • Ages 25-45 → “These are all young people who grew up with the game, whether it be the English Premier League or Major League Soccer, and they don’t need to be convinced that soccer is a sport that is worthy of their attention” — MLS Commissioner

Branding Strategy

“A rematch with the real Manchester,” aligns Manchester City’s current strategy in the United Kingdom, where it utilizes “Welcome to Manchester” signage paired with an image of a former United player. The positioning also portrays locality – acknowledging the sting of defeat that occurred a year ago when LA Galaxy took on Manchester United.

Welcome to ManchesterSuch messaging allows the story of rivalry to disperse amongst intrigued Americans and let’s Manchester City piggy-back on United’s heightened brand awareness while still advocating the City brand.

To read more, including deliverables that encompass the strategy, click here.

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