When Having a Baby Includes You, Your Partner, and a Brand

In order for businesses to flourish and infiltrate the lives of their consumers their problems require creative solutions that result in connectivity and a competitive advantage. This week we heard the example of Nike Plus – how athletes are not only buying a shoe, but a digital system that tracks their progress, allowing Nike to become a part of the sport experience itself.

Similarly, Ovatemp joins couples on the sometimes rocky journey to making “a mini.” Differentiating themselves from other fertility apps in the industry Ovatemp is the only app that includes a thermometer that directly connects to the app via blue tooth. The digital interface is clear, concise, and visually appealing – a diamond in the rough when compared to others within this niche market.

Poor example of fertility app interface

Scouts honor, that wasn’t even the worst of interfaces I found. Apparently fertility apps are where all the clip art is hiding.

Ovatemp’s interface, displaying how design adds value to user experience











Ovatemp focuses on the modern woman – you can envision her, strolling out of Whole Foods, taking advantage of the nearby yoga studio on her lunch break. Wander Back Bay, you’ll see these women in flocks, most of them nose down in their iPhones.

This brand is honing in on these technological savvy 25-35 year olds, and in my opinion, succeeding.

Ovatemp provides value, it’s an option before heading into the fertility clinic – the brand has joined the wave of organic and eastern medicine, advocating exercise and natural supplements (which are also gorgeously packaged).

The market gap was filled, with innovation and style. The brand also thrives due to it’s consistency – the organizations values, it’s consumers values, and the product itself all align.  I believe this alignment is crucial to consider when strategizing; it is not solely about solving a problem, but about creating a solution that adheres to the voice of your brand.

Ovatemp’s core brand values are: hygiene, trust, modernity and technology. (Source)

See below to preview how this brand becomes a part of the consumer’s experience. Ovatemp exemplifies the need for creativity in the market place as it’s success has emerged through thinking outside the box, applying technology, and building a relationship with its users.


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